Giddy Check
Nervous Check
Zero Desire to do work today: Check
Thinking about boots: Check

Typically, I do not need a checklist to communicate my thoughts or help me understand what is going on in my convoluted, barely post-simian brain. Today, however, I believe I will be lucky to communicate with hoots, howls, pointing, and drooling.

I will grinning like an idiot too. Except when I’m driving. Then I’ll be shaking my fist at the rest of the world.

See, I had better plans for the day….but stupid work got in the way.

14 thoughts on “Checklist

  1. Was is it with you cute boys that AG hearts on and the L word?

    Dude, you haven’t dated AG.

    That means you may actually love a woman and oh my gawd…get married!
    If you don’t want either of those — date AG. Apparently I only date men who are unable committ.

  2. No, that would be for you too, love chop. We are the same age! The difference is that I can laugh about it.

    Let’s recall for OG and the others who don’t know me: I spent 10 years dating a closet case. Of which, the first time I saw him after we broke up, he was with his new BOYfriend making out next to me.

    It was such a special day!

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