Bring on the Dancing Girls

The Girls

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I remember the first time I heard my dad say, “alright sweetheart, I’ll kick the dancing girls out,” was when my mom was in DC when my cousin Sarah was born. It was his little joke to hide the fact that he missed her.

While someone is on her birthday travels, I will have my dancing girls, pictured above, entertain me.

I promise I will kick them out by the 23.

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3 thoughts on “Bring on the Dancing Girls

  1. All I can say is: at least MY bucket FITS. Man, Eric sure looks like a huge dork, there, huh? Idiot with an ill-fitting bucket.
    Thanks be I’m not like HIM.

  2. Transitions lenses? Like that awesome futurist commercial?! You are the cooler one!! And so fashion forward! Good to know The Marty is in good dancin’ hands during Shannon’s absence!

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