Blog as to-do list 2

1) Finish Intakes (4 left)
2) Look at Personal Statement for Grad School
3) Finish Treatment Logs for July
4) Finish Case Logs for July/August
5) Plan Feb/March Vegas trip.
6) Outline all my “Big” Ideas

As an aside, I will never, ever eat at burger king again. Ever. Its like vomit in the shape of a burger.

5 thoughts on “Blog as to-do list 2

  1. I do eat at BK occasionally. Hell, I’d even go to McD more than once a year if they had McVeggies in the ones near where I live.

    I don’t smoke, so I rationalize it as me leveling the playing field with my smoking/heavy drinking friends (I’m more of a social drinker) at willingly shortening our lifespans.

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