Another Change

Five minutes ago, I complete the requiste paper work to transfer from the JSO unit to the Training Division. They have a new position–IT Specialist–which I applied for. There will be an interview for it.

They are asking for specific experience with certain applications that I don’t have. MS Publisher and Access (which I haven’t used in years). That isn’t going to be difficult to learn.

What is difficult is processing the possible change here. From JSO to Training. I’m not talking about the job changes, but actual physical location changes. The JSO unit is the most supportive work environment in the building. These are the people I trust and spend hours a day with… To not work in this unit would be a huge shift

2 thoughts on “Another Change

  1. The magnitude of the movement says little: it seems to be more a matter of the direction in which you’re headed. I’m quite willing to believe you’re leaving an ultimately supportive environment, but that makes sense. Those in your current unit need more support. Having done your bit, there’s no shame in moving to a more relaxed (and perhaps less supportive) environment.

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