A Simple Question

Dear Candidate for President:

What do you believe is more important to properly run this country: A thorough understanding of The Constitution or a thorough understanding of The Bible?

Please, no horseshit liberal arts answers. Thrill the common person: Pick a side and defend it.

4 thoughts on “A Simple Question

  1. Honestly? The Bible. I can’t think of a president out of the last century who didn’t make a tradition out of ignoring limits on presidential power…Except Ike. No, wait, he was a staunch defender of executive privilege. No, I think it is far more powerful for a President to be able to argue with that substantial portion of the American Public that understands the Bible to be a weighty subject in a manner that demonstrates a thorough understanding of the language. Bible all the way! (I used the have a nihilist but brilliant friend. She had literally memorized the Bible, and never lost an argument with an evangelist. Of course, she never won either…)

  2. Neither. The key document is now “I am America (and so can You)” by Stephen Colbert. I expect candidates to -live- by this book. Anything other than that is plain anti-american.

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