Hello world.

Since my last gDoc post, I’ve done the following things:

1) Turned 32
2) Went to a wedding with Shannon (awesome pictures to be put up with her approval)
3) Spent 10 hours in supervisor training.
4) Got an awesome t-Shirt featuring my brother (alas, its a size too small. I’m still a Large, not a Medium)
5) Caught up with my monthly paperwork
6) Planned for an exciting vacation with my Boston Peeps.

Each one of these topics could get a decent blog post. For instance, I keep thinking of calling my 32 year the, “year of the bastard” but I don’t want to sound too Warren Ellis-y. I’m no where near cool enough to pull that off anyway. The wedding pictures–there’s a string of teribadawesome pics taken by Shannon while intoxicated. The world needs to see her (drunk) artist Eye.

Supervisor training–this is scary and it makes me think of my dad.

The Boston peeps are going on a vacation with me to my family’s house in 3lakes. I will now list the people I’ve brought to 3 lakes.

Mike Williamson

That’s it. All of those people have the following thing in common–I think of them as family. that’s it. I am that fond of the Boston people.

There is more-nerd stuff, angry politics, music discoveries-but gDocs isn’t really that helpful for the blogging. I’m spoiled with ecto; however, I will try to do more than just tweet my blog back to life (seriously, follow the tweets).

More later. Now I have to write an intake. By intake, I mean nerd stuff I owe my nerd peeps.

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  1. So should Debz and I feel slighted that you’ve brought us to 3 Lakes yet neglected to put us on the list?

    32 really is the Year of the Bastard…

  2. Um HELLLLOOOOOO. Aren’t I too going to Three Lakes? I am not a Boston peeps. I am a Von Peep. What, am I going along as the hired help?? Geesh…..

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