386: Argument edition

Something is wrong on the internet!

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At this point, I should know better: Random people on the internet do not care about facts or nuance. They want to be right. I have to be honest, I have the same issue. I find myself responding, not attempting to understand a different view point.

When personal attacks begin, either because a person is that poor at debate or because they lose their temper, why bother continuing to debate?

I’d rather have the facts on a matter than be right. If I have to eat my words, I’m comfortable with that. That being said, I prefer to know the sources of the information, and not just rely on being “told” I’m wrong.

2 thoughts on “386: Argument edition

  1. I absolutely agree. A debate with factual numbers, provided from a neutral source, are always much more interesting for me to look at than someone’s ramblings on this or that.

    The only issue is finding a neutral source, as no matter where you look, something is either owned (in part) by the left or the right.

    Basically, if I am ever to debate, for example, a bill or legislation, I would go directly to the bill myself to make my own opinion. Though I have had issues with others who will link Media Matters or MoveOn (you know they’re obviously bias), just like I would not link Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity.

    I’m all about fair debate, and documented prove behind a statement.

    BTW, I’ve really enjoyed checking out your blog, and this other side of the bridge (as you can guess, from comments and twitter, I’m a little more right leaning).

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