1/3: The Deadline is 11/9

I know how to set my priorities, yet I frequently chose to do what I want instead of what I need.  Take, for instance, this morning.  When the playlist I finished kept going on shuffle for no reason, I spent a good ten minutes fiddling with the settings trying to turn it off.  For the record, the iPhone is kinda screwy about its shuffle setting.

While I type this, and the three hundred pieces of paperwork I owe the Man, I am listening to the playlist I just finished. The order is just about perfect–I wrote something about how important the flow of CD is for its theme somewhere, but I’m far too lazy to find it right now–but I am not putting the songs on the internet just yet.  See,  this is the first of three CDs I am making, and I am trying to build suspense.

This CD is all coversMost of them are fantastic.  They are all awesome.  You just may need to expand your definition of awesome.

If you want to see the playlist, and you promise to keep it a secret, post a comment.  If you want a copy of the CD, shoot me an email with your address.

15 thoughts on “1/3: The Deadline is 11/9

  1. “Posting before I can be told to not to.

    The Covers must play!”

    No, see, these are good covers. Not wolves howling out “Enter Sandman.” Or was that one monks?

  2. It was Gregorian chant performing Right Said Fred’s ‘I’m too Sexy’

    The wolves were just howling along to Amazing Grace.

  3. Jess, you can have a copy of the Covers CD…

    but, the more think about it, the more I realize I have to find that old post on my mix CD philosophy.

  4. So, Jessica, your saying I should not hold my breath for the promised CD. Much like when you sent away for the really great prize in the cereal box that never came, no matter how many extra box tops you sent in to sweeten the deal.

  5. Von,

    I get the CD tonight. I will make you a copy, and give it to you at lunch next week. Problem solved.


    If Marty gives me your address, I’ll make a copy for you too and mail it when I go buy stamps next week. I might make you my own mix CD and send it too. 🙂

  6. Marty,
    I’m familiar with your policy which is why I haven’t been disappointed in not receiving a cd.
    Also? I am really liking Shannon! 🙂

  7. The Marty – you said I would have it by Saturday – do I get special extra CDs if Shannon delivers at lunch next week before you do via mail? Tomorrow is Saturday, by the way – I haven’t seen it….hm…
    “Her Grace”?? Are you kidding?

  8. I figured we’re going to have to talk about the nickname thing…

    and VON I said you would have it by saturday…and it looks like I forgot to get a real envelope for the CD. So yes, you get two CDs. I have an old mix that you will receive in addition to the Covers CD.

    I am working on yours. Again.

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