Trust Your Government

From: Why We Do What We Do: Additional Screening for People with Hip Replacements

The TSA has a blog. Kudos to them for putting one out there. So far, I’ve enjoyed reading it and learning the hows and whys of their job. However, I would suggest staying away from the “Trust us, we’re the government” stance:

This is a true story: a passenger told a security officer that he knew he was going to set the metal detector off because he had a pin in his hip. He hoped the officer would give him a pass on additional screening. Instead, the security officer followed TSA guidelines patted down the passenger. Guess what? He found a gun strapped to the passenger’s leg. So, if the security officer had just taken his word for it, a gun would have gotten on the plane—and maybe even been in the seat next to you. Things like this happen all the time, more than you would think.

Bloggers want facts, not statements that suggest we should trust a government agency. Do not assume you have any credibility. Your big boss has no credibility and he keeps telling the nation to trust him.

Earn our trust. Be more specific.

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