Summer Viewing

I’m watching Michael Moore’s: The Awful Truth and I am absolutely positive that he is a genius.

I have reached a point in my belief system that I think Satire is the only way to actually bring about discourse with certain elements of the republican party. Take for instance, my discussion with a coworker regarding the separation of Church and State. I said, “The United States is not a christian nation. I have the Constitution on my computer, its quite clear.” He cited, I believe United States: A Christian Nation. and said, “I don’t need the Constitution, I have my book!”

Not, “oh, lets look at the Constitution and discuss the language.” No. “I don’t need the Constitution.” I would like to say this is an aberrant conversation–but it isn’t. Each and every conservative I have engaged in debate, including my dear Godmother, ends up saying something like, “I don’t need the facts. We do not need to discuss the facts.”

At this point, when there is no possibility of discourse, what else can we do?

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3 thoughts on “Summer Viewing

  1. Call them on their crap on your blog. Ain’t much else left to do thanks to the jerkication of American Political Discourse over the last ten years.

  2. They don’t come here. For the post part, my political thoughts are over on Nikkos’ Blog. I believe I have that blogrolled.

    Granted, I typically don’t get too political over here. But Genius, we need to talk. I have a brilliant idea.

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