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NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) — Every day, twice a day, the tourists come. They smile — striking poses on the severed porch just yards from where Robert Green says Ditty died with his two kids strapped to his chest. Tourists pay more than $40 for a tour that includes seeing this house in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. Seems that man thought he could save his babies from the 20-foot current that surged onto Tennessee Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, after a levee broke during Hurricane Katrina. But he couldn’t.

This is how we remember tragedy two years on: tourist attractions where people lost their lives. A loss of life that could have been prevented.

Just five minutes ago, someone asked me what I am going to revolt against today. Here’s my answer: The same shit that I rail against every day–incompetent, neo-con politicians and their yes-men.

Oh, and naked unicorns girls.

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