Romney’s tall tale about MLK

Romney’s tall tale about MLK:

Romney: …”And I’m not going to distance myself in any way from my faith. But you can see what I believed and what my family believed by looking at, at our lives. My dad marched with Martin Luther King“.

My dad, who had a penchant for tall tales, marched with King. He said he was booted* from his Fraternity for doing it. Nobody really questioned my dad’s statements–mostly because he painted a vivid picture of the crowd’s response to King’s march. Specifically, he would discuss the size and the color of the bricks that were thrown at him. Also, my dad never played the “I marched with King Card” in regards to his civil rights record.

I did. Once. I was 18. My buddy Tim called me on it and said, “That was your father. What have you done?”

Mr. Romney, not only have you fabricated the entire story regarding marching with King, I have to ask the same question: “What have you done for civil rights?”

*Actually, they beat the shit out of him and broke his pledge paddle. I still have the paddle.

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