I am two steps removed from Rod Blagojevich. My cousin, Jack, was playing basketball at DePaul when Rod was running laps. In typical Murphy fashion, Jack approached the govenor, introduced himself then called him to account for cutting funding for the Golden Apple Scholarship Program. According to Jack, the Governor was, “polite but he didn’t answer my question directly.”

I’ve not been a fan of the Governor in quite some time. He vetoed a measure that would have helped my clients, plays politics with key issues and blames the legislature for all of the State’s woes. There are rumblings from his office that’ll resign tomorrow. That would be, by far, the best thing he could do for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Politics

  1. There’s reports flying around now that the Tribune basically sprung this whole thing early by breaking the story (held since October) that somebody in Blago’s administration was cooperating with the Feds. Blago went into damage control mode and the FBI had to move before they wanted. There’s still clearly enough on those wiretaps to hang him out to dry.

    I think Blago, given what he tried to do to the Tribune, is finding out why you’re not supposed to pick a fight with the people that buy ink by the barrel.

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