A few weeks ago, I wrote this in a blog post:

Barrack Obama let me down, and I only have myself to blame.

I was–and continue to be–upset at how Obama went to the center. I knew when I voted for Obama that if he was not held accountable by the “Professional Left” he would have to go right. I was shocked, perhaps naively, at how quickly he pushed Right.

Conservative thinking has eliminated the budget surplus and launched two wars. Conservative thinking continues to: oppresses up to 10% of the population, give free reign to “Special Interests” to flood money into the electoral system, removes female agency and labels government services as “Big Government.” Why the fuck would anyone in the liberal sphere go Right?

Obama did so to encourage bipartisanship. He has been met with Birthers, Tea Partiers and out right lies. Bipartisanship requires two parties–and the Right is not interested in compromise, cooperation or collaboration. This isn’t new. The modern Republican party is built on destroying the reputation and history of the progressive movement. They are worse than do-nothings. They are, in short, reactionaries.

What has me thrilled is Obama’s new-campaign rhetoric. Liberals and Progressives need to assert themselves in the face of the liars, blowhards, Palins and Becks. Callin’ Golf Pro-Boehner out is a good first step. But it is only a first step. Liberals and progressives need to support our representatives and hold them accountable. Otherwise this first step won’t get us anywhere closer to where we need to be.

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