Official Announcement

Shannon told me to write something more light hearted this morning as we discussed blogs. I’m not always good at light hearted (or easy going). However, it is in this vein that I am officially announcing my intention to form an exploratory committee to run for Illinois’ Fifth Congressional District: The one Rahm Emmanuel is vacating to be President Elect Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff.

I’m tapping a few people who can help me in this endeavor.

Congress needs more dedicated liberal geeks. I fit the bill. Why should I bother waiting till I retire? I’m starting today.

Gleason 08!

update 1: I already have a supporter (thanks Bill!) and another member of my Committee. Let’s hear it for Outreach!

18 thoughts on “Official Announcement

  1. Yes, indeed. I nominate me as your proofreader and speechwriter. Let’s get this native son of Chicago in the House.

    Also, I’ll start looking for rental properties in DC.

  2. Gleason, I am so there for you on one condition: we each get West Wing code names. You can be Bartlett. Shannon is Abby. And I’m Josh Lyman. Comments on my gender confusion are *not* welcome.

  3. BTW, dude, if you’re serious? I don’t care that we’re total political opposites, this is AWESOME. We need a lot more citizen legislators and a lot fewer permanent politicians in Washington, regardless of party.

  4. I think I should stop posting on your blog before our relationship can be used in attack ads against you.

    “He hangs out with vegetarian, atheist mexicans with socialist tendencies. Think of the children!”

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