Wingnuts, Right Wingers, bigots who disguise themselves as “Patriots” and other Ditthoheads have created this monster of an ego. Rush, a drug addicted sex tourist, reminds me of a real life Bishop Peter Paul Prang, the fascist windbag radio Evangelist of “It Can’t Happen Here.”

It is hard to ignore Rush. His ego outstrips his intellect and his voice can be heard in every state in the Union. It is only a matter of time before he is called to account for his disinformation and inflammatory speech. Yet, if this is who the so called “Loyal Opposition” want to look to as their model Conservative, then their movement is doomed. Rush is Hubris defined. Hitching their star to his means they will flash out in the night sky.

2 thoughts on “Limbaugh

  1. Well, we can hope. He’s survived all manner of scandals you’d have thought would have caused a final flameout, but he’s sort of like a nasty STD; he just keeps hanging on.

  2. Okay, I will just say it here. The only word that can be used to describe his “Superbowl” analogy at that conservative conference is ASININE. I have actually heard pundits and other assorted media douchebags admit he had a point when he compared hoping, as a Steelers fan, for the failure of Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals in the final drive of the Superbowl to hoping the President of the United States fails.


    Does he live in this country? Does he consider himself an American? How is rooting against THE OTHER team the same as rooting against the leader of HIS country?

    For this to make sense, his point would have had to read like this:

    “Freedom-lovers, your humble coorespondent has recieved much FLAK from the far left spend-a-crats for his recent comments concerning their president and his relative well-being as it concerns our great nation. I shall now, for once and forever, clarify for the windbags of this great, god-fearing nation just what point I was attempting to make”

    *long, audible inhale*

    “AS you KNOWW, I am a diehard fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. And, as you might expect, watched with great interest as they took the gridiron against the left-leaning Reds of Arizona. And as I watched Ben Rothlisburger take the field in this, the biggest game of the season, one thought consumed me: I HOPE HE FAILS. FOR YOU SEE, Rothlisburger does not play the game the way it was meant to be played. He stands in the pocket while defenses close in, he forces passes over the middle of the field. QUITE FRANKLY, he hurts his team by any standard you wish to measure by. It was only by a spec-TACULAR failure on the biggest stage imaginable would we be able to get this team back to where it should be with a quarterback who more represents the ideals of Steelers Football. And so, it was with great regret that I watched Big Ben march his team down the field and lead his team to victory.”

    That is the ONLY way it makes sense. He would have had to hope for the leader of his favorite team to FAIL when the chips were down, outcome be damned.

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