Keep on Rocking in the Free World!

For as much shit as I’ve given Neil Young, I love his track,”Keep on Rocking in the Free World.” For your listening pleasure, I’ve posted it

Why are we going to keep on rocking today? Because President Obama has announced that we will not prosecute those CIA Officerswho were involved in torture.

President Barack Obama has also issued a statement guaranteeing that no CIA employees will be prosecuted for their role in the interrogation programme.

This leaves wiggle room for prosecuting the people behind the legal opinions, the executive branch officials who generated this unconstitutional “ideas against our professed values” and private contractors who were involved in the torture, but I find that unlikely. Individuals complicit in this torture scheme don’t need to confess for immunity. They do not have any incentive for Truth and Reconciliation. Obama has made it clear that there will be no going forward on this issue.

Take heart Wingnuts: You won something. Your cries of partisanship and “Obama’s unilateral stances” fall on deaf ears. You got exactly what you wanted: Zero accountability for disregarding the law. Now, but your tea bags in your pants, turn off 24 and put down your Jack Bauer/Scalia Slash Fic. Now it is your turn to give something back. I suggest turning off Fox news for at least one hour everyday.

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