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I feel like I must comment on Mitt’s confession that he wept when he heard that Blacks had finally been given the priesthood, an honor that had been given to every 12 year old white boy since the Church came into being. I’m sure Mitt hopes that we’ll all believe he cried because he was happy that an injustice had been righted, and I think many people will be fooled. But the truth is Mitt, as a true believer, would not have thought it was an injustice.

The General does not typically do these posts. Usually, he is fighting Frenchmen, Atheists and other AmericaHaters. Honestly, I think the General would hate me. However, given this extremely unusual post, I am compelled to repost it. The General has the credibility to point out Mitt’s hypocrisy in ways I can only dream about.

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3 thoughts on “Jesus’ General

  1. Beloit incircles blogfeed wrestling run-in!!!!! Get the !!!

    Maybe I’m just paying more attention with each passing election, but is this batch of presidential “candidates” the most psycho yet? Mitt and Huckabee have plenty of looney religious moments in common before you even get into muckraking dog torture news. And Giuliani… yikes! I don’t find all of the attention on candidate’s families very tasteful, but I have to admit that guy is the anti-posterchild of the old chinese philosophical idea that you should rectify your personal life before trying to sort out the world’s problems. If we end molded in the image of any of these jokers we are going to be in deep doodoo.

    On the dems side I feel like we’ve got a lot of shifty pols without vision… hardly people that inspire me but a vote for the status quo seems less dangerous that punching the psycho ticket.

    There’s something seriously wrong with just about everything when constitutionalist naysayers like Ron Paul start to get massive intarweb traction. People don’t even look at his position on most issues, they just like that he’s not voting to rape the constituation every time somebody calls a meeting.

    Anyhow I rarely comment on politics on the internet but since I know a lot of the liberal rabblerousers here it feels more face to face 😀 D:

    Anyhow, Alex was just in town and we thought of hunting you down but apparently you were in Seattle. At least that way the country stayed balanced and nobody got dumped off into the ocean. I still keep expecting to run into you at a random show.

  2. Alright. I’m the voice of dissent a bit here…
    I had the semi-unpleasure of knowing a few Mormons in my day. I can find it believable that Mitt might have cried, probably because being given an honor of priesthood means that they are then able to go on missions. And to go on missions means they can try and convert people to LDS.

  3. I am not saying that I think Mitt is this great guy who happens to be Mormon.
    I’m just saying that it’s possibly he isn’t as deceptive as we think; although definitely misguided (because of the mormonism. And yes, I’m prejudiced against them and no, I don’t care that does not make me “open minded”.)

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