Funny Ha Ha?

Think Progress is reporting that at CPAC John “Creepy Mustachioed Man” Bolton, our former (recess appointed, never approved by congress) Ambassador to the UN made a quip about President Obama Learning about the threat that Iran poses when an American city, picked at random, “let’s say Chicago…” gets nuked.

And people still wonder why I’m mad as hell at the right wing?

People laughed and cheered at this. As if nuking my home town–which happens to be our President’s home town–is a FUN and Joyous thing to think about. That the death of Three Million Plus people is just what this country needs to “Fly Right.”

As if that isn’t’ bad enough, Keith Olberman reports that John didn’t even get Obama’s quote right. John says that our president called Iran a, “tiny threat.” The quote was, “a tiny nation.” Huge Difference. Obama has gone on the record time and time again stating he will engage Iran–hell I’ve criticized him for sounding far too gung ho about attacking Iran.

Why is this behavior tolerated by the right wing? Why are liberals called to condemn and distance themselves from the so called “fringe left” by republicans, but they do not do not follow the same demands?

Additionally, I’m supposed to resepct this person because he was an Ambassador? Sorry, I’ll give him the same respect all human beings should get. He hasn’t earned anything other than scorn and derision for being a complete ass-hat.

2 thoughts on “Funny Ha Ha?

  1. Something that bothers me is that after 9/11, New York City suddenly became a key place for rural conservatives. A lot of them will say things like, “9/11 happened everywhere.” No, it didn’t. It happened in New York City, a place they wouldn’t normally touch with a 40-foot pole. After something awful happens and a city is attacked, they’ll feel lots of weird, selective right-wing love, and it is really creepy. Bolton is a nutjob, but he’s only the tip of the iceberg

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