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I found this  On Torture – Behind the Numbers article from Firedog Lake:

Overall, 58 percent support the prohibition Obama declared before taking office, but there’s a wide gap across party lines: 71 percent of Democrats and 56 percent of independents in the poll said torture should never be used, but most Republicans, 55 percent, said there are cases in which the U.S. should consider using torture against terrorism suspects.

One thing I think should have been added to this poll:  How many people think 24 is an accurate depiction of Counter Terrorism Efforts?

I can think of one person who thinks that 24 is realistic

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  1. Part of the problem is determining just what people mean when they think of something like “there are cases in which the U.S. should consider using torture.” Are republicans answering that way because they want to support the ex- president? Because they think it should be used routinely? Or are they saying it because they are imagining some extreme, scaliaesque scenario where:
    There’s a terrorist, see? And you know they know where a ticking atom bomb is hidden in a city, see? And the only way you could save the lives of everyone in the city is to torture the information out of him, see? Would you torture him to save the city?
    Well, would you?

  2. Marty. You look good in the obama t-shirt. I could say a lot on this. A lot. Haven’t talked to you in forever! (if you remember me.) email me!

    And, if that’s the same Seth I think it is up there, damn, long time, too.

    I’ll provide the usual info though on the commentary: Torture may yield very inaccurate information. I think a lot of folks know that…

  3. Seth: this presupposes, again ,that the captured terrorist actually knows the plans. Kinda silly if you ask me.


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