Fellow Bloggers: My new favorite US Representative

A few months ago, Shannon showed me a clip of Anthony Weiner in the House of Representatives ripping into Congressional Republicans–twice in the same alloted time span–for being fraudulent bastards.   He’s done it again.  This time, he cut into Republicans who did not want to give aid to 9/11 workers who are now sick because of said work–then blamed Democrats for the delay.  Here’s a bit of what he wrote for the Op-Ed Piece:

Instead of engaging in a real debate about how to address the challenges we face, Republicans have turned to obstruction, no matter the issue, and then cry foul after the fact. They claim to want an open legislative process with more consultation and debate, but the truth is they simply don’t want to pass anything.

via Op-Ed Contributor – Anthony Weiner – Why I Was Angry – NYTimes.com.

The more I read about this particular rep, the better I feel about Democrats.

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