Cloud of Doubt

Roland Burris should not have accepted his appointment to the Senate. No matter what he would try to do as senator, he would function under a cloud of doubt–that he was somehow tainted by our psychopathic governor, Blagojevich. Honestly, who in their right mind would accept such an appointment?

The Illinois Supreme Court is holding a hearing to determine if Jesse White has to sign off on his Election Certificate. As I am not an expert on election law, I have no idea if he has to do so. The scant reading I have done on the issue, however, suggests that Jesse White does not have a legal foot to stand on.

I’m not a fan of Burris–and the more I read about him, the more I don’t like him–and I do not think it is fair that he will get seated. However, this is a legal matter. Legal matters are seldom fair.

3 thoughts on “Cloud of Doubt

  1. I don’t mind Burris. I think he was an okay choice compared with others the governor could have appointed (like himself).

    But I agree that it was probably not the best decision to accept the appointment. Of course, in politics, sometimes just having your name out there makes a difference…so who knows.

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