ATSA: Day One

One would think when the first presenter of a conference quotes the Sandman and gets a a standing ovation for being pure awesome, you have a great day of learning ahead of you.

This is not the case for the day.

My first presentation AFTER lunch was a let down. I had hoped to learn more about community based approaches to working with sexually problematic children. I learned that our Diversion program, as flawed as it is, is pretty damn good. The only innovations I could see with our program are including more research and involving the judiciary at an earlier stage. The rest–providing treatment, working with the community, holding kids accountable and providing community safety–we do infinitely better.

The second presentation provided me with more information on risk factors–but no way to address those factors. An hour and half worth of very dry research about child abuse.

I got more out of the poster sessions, specifically the one about how Probation Officers deal with the stress of the job. I believe I have the paper on the complimentary CD-Rom

Currrently, I am decompressing from the day. I would like to grab a drink and have a nice dinner with someone–and that person can’t work in social services. Not in the slightest.

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