6 thoughts on “Are you Kidding?

  1. I have blogged about hummus and my fears about getting old too. Hell I am working on a blog post about the crazy guy who is my new hero. This is not an accomplishment, nor is it a reason for him to run for president.

  2. Nader can only take away votes from people who aren’t happy with the candidates they’ve got. It’s really nice to see Democrats trying to out-progressive each other rather than trying to out-conservative each other.

  3. Given the fact that the “buzz” about Nader entering the race died out in sub-twenty four hours, I’d surmise that he couldn’t steal votes from anyone.

  4. Fears about getting old.

    Shut up, already.

    All these young people bitchin about getting old! Get off my lawn.

    and LOL Nader

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