Am I a Left-Wing Extremist?

I believe in the Separation of Church and State.

I like Social Security.

I want Universal Health Care.

I want to close Tax Loop Hole for corporations and the über rich.

I want the due-process of law for everyone in this county, be it legal or less than legal.

I want to abolish the death penalty.

I think the only time government should be in the bedroom is if it is a couple’s “safe word.”

I want to live safely and in harmony with my neighbors.

I want to be safe from Zombies.

I want a policy that addresses global warming.

I want more money for science and science education.

I want more money for the arts.

I want to go abroad and not say, “No, I’m from Toronto!”

I want civil discourse and debate.

I don’t want the rights of majority trampled by the few.

I don’t want the few to be trampled by the majority.

I don’t want to see any books burned.

I don’t want congress to investigate baseball.

I want congress to be held accountable.

I want the phrase, “I take responsibility” to mean something again.

If I have kids, I want them to worry about friends and grades, not air and water.

I want to struggle with my faith, not have it fed to me by a Director of Faith Based Initiatives

I want choices.

I want the government to protect everyone’s Right to Chose.

Do these wants make me an extremist?

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