Dating Guide Table of Contents


All Chapter titles are subject to change.
Chapter 1: Flirting for Fun and Proft
Chapter 2: Ask him/her out, dorkwad
Chapter 3: The Date: Pre and Post “Dos” and “Don’ts”
Chapter 4: When dating becomes a relationship
Chapter 5: How to back out gracefully

Anyone have any specific requests as chuckles and I begin work on our most ambitious project ever?

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6 thoughts on “Dating Guide Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 6: ??
    Chapter 7: Good Touch, Bad touch.

    The scary thing is, professionally, I think I am qualified to answer that question.

  2. Nikkos, I think a better chapter might be “How to ask for all the stuff you want to try without scaring her” but that would fit in a relationship book and I am not qualified to write one of those.

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