Wine Stain

Wine Stain

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So the BlogHer after conference party was a fantastic shindig. There was free wine (red and white), a raffle and a cash bar. I got in with a little up from a new friend.
The above picture is my apology to the Chicago Children’s Museum for spilling wine in their fake car.

There are, of course, more pictures from the affair–but I don’t have them.

I do have photographic evidence of the Genius getting caught in a rope ladder. Enjoy!


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7 thoughts on “Wine Stain

  1. Blogher so was not Jessica! Did you go because it was super super fun?!

    And there are to be no, NONE, super not any photos of AG on teh blogs. Please!!!!! AG is in the secret protection, aka witness relocation program.

  2. OG rocks unlike my boyfriend who sold me out on e-mail today. Like I need MORE fat pictures in my life!!!

    Hey, we need your e-mail address to forward photos, etc. Could you e-mail UC at balmalocha at gmail dot com?

  3. How is BlogHer not pretentious? It reeks of people who own blogs getting together to discuss how good their blogs are. It’s like a writers’ conference…

  4. Jessica, I thought the same thing at first. But rather than it being everyone boasting about how great their blog was, it was really everyone whoring out their blogs to get more comment crack cocaine. Read Bossy’s summary to see how much fun it was.

    OG, where is the awesome photo of Chuckles’ wine stain?

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