This is worth being late for.

The following video was from my consiglieri. If you can’t watch it (Morning Shannon!) it is a video trailer for George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. It is an incredible fan made trailer.  It is well worth watching.Wow.

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2 thoughts on “This is worth being late for.

  1. At first I was worried that they were making a film out of the books, until I saw that the clips were from other movies. What a relief!! One of my favorite series ever, and it should not ever be spoiled by putting it on the big screen – FAR too complex!

  2. Martin linked this on his live-journal the other day (uh, Martin as in George RR, not our gracious host) and said he’d go see it. The bits from Lord of the Rings kind of yanked me out of it – probably because I’ve seen the Eowyn-charge clip a hojillion times – but overall, I thought it was kinda neat.

    It won’t be on the big screen, but HBO has the rights to A Game of Thrones, and they’re going to do it as a miniseries. I believe GRRM is going to be involved with it, so I’m not going to cry doom just yet, but man…

    …they’d better not fuck it up.

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