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Dear Young Earth Creationist–

Do more to support your case by linking evidence and summarize your headlines. You are making wild assertions, citing zero evidence cited and your headlines are run on sentences that would make any grammarian’s eyes bleed. I don’t believe your content at all for two reason–you don’t support your claims and each post is a direct attack on another person. That doesn’t do much to change hearts and minds. That inspires counter blog posts full of vitriol.

I think you did one thing right by turning off comments. When my readers (specifically Seth. Hi Seth!) see this, they’ll click over and read the blog in its entirety. They would then like to post. One reader (again, Seth) would then post volumes and volumes of information, all cited appropriate, and attempt to engage you in discourse. Since all you want to do is, apparently, shout into the wilderness, turning off comments is particularly brilliant.

Welcome to the blogosphere.


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