Sid’s Folk: I am so right

The question at Sid’s has been, “who would play Captain America?” I suggested Matt Damon. Seems I am not the only one.

Casting Leonardo Dicaprio As Captain America Would Be Titanically Wrong [Captain America]:

Matt Damon
Why He Bleeds Red White And Blue: The Bourne Identity has some of the best little hand-to-hand quickie action scenes of today’s action movies. He’s proven he can be tough and carry an action film on his shoulders. Damon would treat this character in a serious manner, but still make it a butt-kicking superhero movie.
Where He Will Fail: I see no down side to this casting. I don’t know, too perfect for the part?

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7 thoughts on “Sid’s Folk: I am so right

  1. Is the question “Who SHOULD” or “Who WOULD,” I ask. For some reason I will find it terribly amusing if Damon and Norton are reunited in THE AVENGERS as Cap and Banner, Marvel Rounders.

    In truth, I suppose Damon’s a fine choice, though I wonder if he’d do it.

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