Post #299

I am making a bigger deal about post 300 than I need to. I’ve been on WordPress since 3/07. I’ve been blogging almost a 5 years to the day, and I think 300 is just my way of saying “I’m not going anywhere*”

However, for 300 I want to do a real blog redesign. I’m asking for help from a few people. I’ve got the post in mind but the presentation needs to be reworked. Until the redesign is complete, I’ll be posting at my other (and very neglected blog), The Finger. I feel the need to point out that if you google the finger, my finger is in the top three.

*Slumps not withstanding.

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9 thoughts on “Post #299

  1. 1) That is not vomit. I slept in that shirt on Will’s couch. He would not let me sleep in my own vomit on his couch.

    2) The purpose of this picture is to keep my humble.

    3) The cardboard box is empty–my brother grabbed it for me to give me something to puke in

    4) Yes, I am writing post 300. I am super busy at work and yesterday I was working on a piece of fiction that I wanted to finish on Friday. I didn’t finish that either.

    5) I wanted to finish the site redesign, however, given that I got this to work, I figure I can do post 300 and 301.

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