Look, I’ve been really good lately. Well behaved, got my paperwork done AND I gave away presents. I don’t ask for much. I really don’t. But right now, what I really want is this.

I know what one reader is thinking–“why is he vacuuming cats when he should be vacuuming the floor.” This is a good question, and I have no good answer for it. I will go back to tiding things up now.

Edit: I was kidding–yet 10 minutes after the post is up, I have phone calls asking me for details on what I want. Thank you.

2nd Edit: one shirt bought. Sweet baby Jesus.

11 thoughts on “Pandering

  1. You know dear cousin, you always post snarky comments on throwaway entries. Why don’t you use your prodigious brain pan to make more valid points?

  2. Baby pictures. No problems.

    AG has very few embarrassing stories. No problems.

    Do I have to spend a lot of time with them? That’s where I usually get caught up. As an adult, I’ve grown to love being a loner.

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