11 thoughts on “My Brain Hurts Me

  1. I was irritated when this song was removed from the movie in the re-releases. Never did hear the reasoning behind it.

  2. I agree. That was probably the most gratuitous change in a vast ocean of gratuitous changes.

    Well, that and that goddamned abomination of a song (the space Motown shit) at Jabba’s place they put in for the updated version.

  3. It was done because Lucas didn’t like the song in the first place, but could not afford to do the scene when the movie was originally made.

    The replacement was horrible and did not work will with the endor scene.

  4. Of all the “improved” versions, I truly only enjoyed the Empire Strikes Back one, because it actually let you see just how expansive Cloud City was.

    Aside from that, the only purpose the retooling did was to give the fans a warning of how the new movies were going to be all about CGI and nothing about story.

  5. It seems ironic that Lucas disliked this song, since the “translation” and happy-go-lucky vibe of the original are so in keeping with the insipid kid-friendly vibe he seemed to pursue for the crappy prequels. Maybe he only likes crap when he writes it himself? (To be fair, I’m much more fond of the crap I’ve personally authored, so…)

  6. George Motherfucking Lucas hates anything he hasn’t written himself. Doesn’t he hate Empire?

    Also, he blows goatse and should not be allowed to write another Indiana Jones movie without an editor.

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