Good Bye Cable

I have been the phone for ten minutes canceling my “High Speed Internet Service” from MDU Communications. I have never been this happy to cancel service before in my life.

All told, the conversation was less than a minute. I was on hold for 12 minutes 28 seconds. They did not ask why I canceled my service. They tried to get me to disconnect my TV service–the one provided by the insanely high assessment–which does not make sense unless they know what I know; namely, that their service is shit.

We have some sort of satellite system. It is expensive, we don’t get HD Service anymore (even though we did with RCN) and the technical support is just like the first season of the IT Crowd. “Turn the Modem off and on.” That was their solution to everything.

In the end, I owe them $1.35. I over paid last months bill. I’ll be sending them a letter with the reason why I disconnected my service, which I’ll include when I mail them the modem.

We went with AT&T. Currently, we’re getting 2.6 kbps/second on a wireless N network. It feels wonderful. Oh, and thus far? Their tech support has been exquisite. Now if they just stop spying on their customers….

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