Atlanta Lists

I am going to Atlanta to visit Will and Sara. The trip is far too short to qualify as vacation, and I suspect I will be drinking enough to kill off a number of weak brain cells. As long as this drinking does not include any Rum, I believe I will be okay. If the trip does include rum, I would like my possessions to be divvied up in the following way:

•Sara can have my condo.
•Tony can have my car
•Lauren can have my music (just make copies of it for others)
•Jessie can have my desktop
•Gina can have my lap top
•Michael can have my bike
•Williamson can have my debts
•jackie can have my share of the cabin, paid for by my 401k
•Greg can have the old katana’s
•Will can have my dad’s law books and notes
•Seth can have the Guineess glasses.
•Eric can have the old g4 desktop
•Wagner can have my badge.
•Caitlin can have that Yeats book I promised her

Whatever cash I have in my pension is to be split between Eli and Sydney

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