All Geeked Up Over Media

TV and Geekdom are inseparable. The high-faultin’ geeks, like myself, also get geeked over radio. While anyone can get geeked up over a TV show, it takes a special kind of geek (read: geek bordering on loser) to appreciate certain kinds of geek media.

For your approval, I flaunt my geek credit and ruin my social standing:

Show I get geeked over, in no particular order

1) Battlestar Galactica, the RDM Version.
Oh yes. Before going on Fridays, I’d watch the show. Then I’d download a torrent. Then I’d listen to the podcast on the way to group. On Sundays, I’d make sure to stay up and watch the show, even if I had court in the morning.

For the season three premiere, I had a small party. That right there—that’s geek cred. For season 4, I am probably throwing two parties….

2) Star Trek, DS9
…I hate admitting I’m even a slight Trekkie, but its true. My buddy Will and I would talk about the show regularly. When we were in college, he brought a few episodes up for us to watch. I really got into the show when my mom was bed ridden–We were both looking for something to watch, so I added it to my Netflix Queue. The rest is history…and makes me a bona-fide geek.

3) Mythbusters
Without a DVR, I don’t get a chance to watch the show unless its on a marathon, but damn do I love that show. Urban folk tales and science–a social science geek’s dream–especially when there are explosions.

4) The Wire
A smart cop show that debates Protestant and Catholic whisky? It sends my Irish “Cop” heart all a-flutter with geekitude.

5) Dr Who
…I went looking for the 10th doctor’s suit. I came as close as one could to said suit, without spending $800. At least I look acceptable in Pin Stripes.

While I do not watch much TV, I listen to a ton of radio.

1) This American Life
I’ve seen the show live twice. Any time Ira Glass is coming back to Chicago? I’ll be there.

2) Car Talk
Why I will get up at 9:00 am on a saturday

3) All Things Considered
The Gold Standard of NPR programming.

Need I go on?

Admit it my friend, this contest was over before it evan began.

edit: Some question marks removed so my pretentious little cousin feels better.

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7 thoughts on “All Geeked Up Over Media

  1. I really hate when people ask themselves a question and then answer it in the next line. Please stop.
    Jack | 03.20.07 – 1:25 am | #

    You did that 6 times in this post. Please. Stop.

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