Wherein I talk about myself in order to prepare for group

Listening to: Challengers from the album “Challengers” by The New Pornographers

Blah blah blah me me me, blah blah, me me.

I cannot get my head into work today. Just when I was getting used to the weekend, it up and ended on me. Granted, I think it ended for everyone that has a 9 to 5 job, but I am taking this as a personal affront. I was having a good time and it really didn’t have to end. Coming back to work has been a rather harsh adjustment. I used to think I could shift gears quickly, but today I am discovering that I really needed a buffer between the weekend and the weekday.

I have group in about a half hour. This is fairly easy. My kids will talk about their weekend, I’ll go over their homework, try to get them to talk about their weekend and set up the next unit we talk about. That shit is easy. I can even tie in how their weekend was to their progress in group. Making matters even EASIER, two of my really good kids are making some poor choices, so I can run with that. Combine this with a visit or two on my to Biznacho’s house (really, he pays no rent and eats a lot of food, but he is the boss there)..

I am finishing this post 24 hours later. Currently, I’m listening to the Once soundtrack and gearing up for a debate…

Don’t ask about the Myspace kid’s intake report. Just don’t.

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