Unfinished Possible Masterpiece

Let’s say I was dating someone five months ago. Dating regularly, but not a full-blown relationship. To use high school parlance, we were seeing each other, but it was not exclusive. A few dinners, a couple of dinner and movie dates, a few rock and roll shows, dinner at her house and a cubs game. Let’s say I thought it was going rather well and I was into her. As in, “Maybe we should be something more significant that just seeing each other.”

I mean, I brought it up…twice?

Anyway, I was working on playlist for her, a CD to burn (I’d already given her the entire Decemberists catalogue); not entirely a “Mix Tape” but something close to it. I found it today as I went through my iPod in Midway.

Whatever I originally called it, the playlist was saved as, “I thought too far ahead.” Here’s what it entailed:

Imitosis: Andrew Bird
New Shoes: Paulo Nutini
Eye of the Tiger: The Paul Anka Cover
La Costa Brava: Ted Leo and The Pharmacists
Fidelity: Regina Spektor
Dashboard: Modest Mouse
The Bleeding Heart Show: New Pornographers
Just a Friend: Biz Markie
Everything’s Just Wonderful: Lily Allen
The Sunny Side of the Street: The Pogues

I wasn’t finished with it, but I stopped working on it when I stopped hearing from her. I definitely think this playlist had potential–just like this particular person–but things just did not work out. I’m going to keep it around though, as it really could have been a great CD.

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6 thoughts on “Unfinished Possible Masterpiece

  1. I applaud your fine taste in music. Send the Paul Anka singing rock songs haters to hell. My favorite from that album is Jump.

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