Rough Drafts: The Lazy Blogger’s Quick Fix

I learned in college that I need to edit what I write. While blogging, I typically don’t bother. In fact, i will sped more time setting up a playlist than working on blog entries, case logs or treatment crap combined. A guy has to have priorities, right?

For instance, I’ve been working on this Mix for someone for a while now. It started out as a flirty mix then it ballooned into a Three-CD project. I need to tweak one or two tracks, but over all, I think this is my best mix of 2007, if not the 00s, if not ever. While working on said mix, I started writing why making a mix is serious business. I figured I would share said (half completed) rough draft as (one of) my post(s) for the day. Upon reading it for the first time, I decided not to share that monstrosity with the blogopshere.

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2 thoughts on “Rough Drafts: The Lazy Blogger’s Quick Fix

  1. Nope. The sad thing is I read through that post once and made a few changes.

    In my defense, I feel like crap. In fact, I feel like my spelling ability.

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