My Next Review: John Ashcroft’s “Why Me Lord?”

Listen to it here.

Before he was implicit in removing out civil liberties with Bush Co, John Ashcroft was a senator from the great state of Missouri. In 2000 he lost toMel Carnahan–despite the fact that Carnahan died in a plane crash weeks before the the election. In losing to a corpse, Bush decided to pick him to be his first attorney general, but I digress..

During his tenure in the Senate, Ashcroft was part of the Singing Senators, a group of Republican Senators who attempted to bring us back to a simpler time in our county’s history, through song. The Singing Senators were an attempt to bring us back to Eisenhower-Era Morality through Barber Shot quartet style singing.

Ashcroft, in between being anointed with cooking oil for his political work, also wrote songs for him self and his colleagues. This is one he wrote–and for you, dear reader, I will review it.

At first, I think I hear a hint of Elvis. Can John Ashcroft be attempting to channel the King? That would be sinful, decadent, wrong. But, I honestly believe that John is doing what he can to use the Devil’s Music to bring the Lord to the Masses.

Just channeling the King does not make this song worth the bandwidth it sucks up. It’s terrible, uninspired lyrics are ironic to a bleeding heart liberal, “Lord help me jesus/I know what I am.” He knows he sold out the ideals he swore uphold–and he is asking for forgiveness for it. At least, this is what I hope he feels. I truly doubt it though.

Overall, I’d rather listen to Kelly’s worst songs than this dribble. However, I think it’d make a great karaoke song if I was really , really drunk.

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  1. You know, if you need help finding GOOD music again, I’m reachable by phone, email, and smoke signal. I think you may forget that you have taste. (Either that or you’re a masochist)

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