Music for the Election

I’m currently thinking of a play list for the 08 election. It is partly inspired by Move On’s album from 04, Future Soundtrack for America. The other inspiration comes from my belief that even if Obama wins in November, there is still a lot of work to do.

In Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky tells “progressives” (Alinksy calls liberals, “people that start fights then walk out.” I disagree completely.) that the best one can hope for is a plateau before the struggle continues. Make no mistake about it–given the playing field we have, Obama is the best chance at realizing a progressive agenda. Even after November 11, progressives/liberals and forward thinking people are going to have to keep the pressure on.

So, I’m making a play list–don’t scoff, music is a powerful motivator–for the election and what comes after. It is not going to be any easy fight to keep the progressive movement going, and it is going to be a fight.

Thus far I have two songs:

Woody Guthrie: All you fascists (video link)


Firewater: Hey Clown (last FM link)

If you want a copy of the CD, drop me a line. If you have a suggestion for the CD, drop me a line or a comment.

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