Insulin Required: 2/3 Finished.

I have a new category for the blog. While my desk, condo and car my maybe total disasters in terms of organization, I do try to keep this virtual space neat and organized.

You can ask her about the history of the catagory.

The Second CD is finished. It took a few hours to do, and thanks to the wonders of Smart Playlists, I think its rather thorough. The theme was, “songs that have love in the title.” It has 20 tracks, however the iTunes Music Store only picked up 12. I figured it would get 19. Stupid iTunes.

Anyway, 60% of the CD is listed as an iMix. Go ahead and rate it if you want, you judgmental bastards.

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3 thoughts on “Insulin Required: 2/3 Finished.

  1. Why can’t you say her name? Is she is the c.i.a.? Why all the mystery? I mean her is awesome and her name is a great name so why say her? Say her name! God it’s bothering me!

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