I think I might have a problem

There is party of me that is honestly thinking I am going to buy some songs off of Kelly Clarkson’s “My December.” I think there must be some sort of weird voodoo mojo working my brain.


A blog buddy of mine pointed out what songs I should listen to. I am now in the process of acquiring said songs.

A review is pending.

9 thoughts on “I think I might have a problem

  1. This made me giggle. I feel partially responsible for this. I’m really very sorry. Truly.

    My favorite songs on the album: Hole, Sober, Maybe, Yeah, Can I Have a Kiss, & Irvine (mainly for the hidden track). There’s a great song that’s not available to purchase by song only – I’ll send it to you later.

  2. I posted a Dalek sound file on this here blog. You gotta show off your geek cred in order to get recognition as a big geek.

  3. Oh damn. Well, put up your creds and lay down a wager. May the bigger geek win.

    By win, I mean I’ve already won. Seriously. Give up. You got nothing. No geek game, no where near enough geek cred.

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