Ask a Bastard: Leap Ahead Edition


Given the poor internet connection, I can’t paste in the usual graphic. Look for an edited edition in the near future.

We have two questions:

Kristin asks:

If you were trapped in a room for a whole day and had to listen to the same 10 songs on repeat, what would they be?

This is a question I will open the floor to. My 10 songs for 24 hours will be:

1) Arcade Fire: Keep the Car Running
2) Culling of the Fold: The Decemberists
3) Plasticities (Remix): Andrew Bird
4) Queen of the Surface Streets: DeVotChkA
5) God’s Promise: Ellis Paul
6) Chicago: Sufjan Stevens
7) Sickbed of Cuchulain: The Pogues
8) Since U Been Gone (ted leo or Kelly, it really doesn’t matter)
9) Bruce Springsteen: Thunder Road
10) Ted Leo: A Bottle of Buckie

Everyone, feel free to answer Kristin’s question.

Ag Asked:
How do you talk to your employer about working from home given the current policy is that nobody may work from home?

First, one has to look into how to change company policy. That should be fairly easy. In our department, we have a few Deputies and Supervisors we can talk to about changing policy. There has to be some one who does the same thing at your office.

Then bring up the economic benefit to your office. Argue that there is increased productivity when one works from home and demonstrate how you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and IM programs to stay in contact with your clients/projects. Develop a plan where you can pilot the project for one month, working at home on Fridays. During that time, complete as many projects as possible so you clearly illustrate that letting you work from home will cut their costs (at least phone, electricity) and improve your productivity.

I have heard a rumor that another website wants to riff off (and mock) Ask A Bastard. I, for one, welcome this opportunity. Bring it.

Ask more questions. I will have more answers.

2 thoughts on “Ask a Bastard: Leap Ahead Edition

  1. Question for next week – are Chicago/Illinois politics doomed to face corruption? Many people outside of Illinois seem to think so. I don’t think that’s fair to the people of Illinois. Is it fair?

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