Aerosmith: Trying to Remain Relevant (again)

via Aerosmith’s Joe Perry walks this way with John McCain –

I have one Aerosmith song in my iTunes collection: Walk this Way. I have it because Run DMC makes it awesome. Otherwise, I find Aerosmith to be the rough equivalent of Greasey Spoon/Bad Diner music. It tastes great but it gives you diabetes and leaves a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. Personally, I find Aerosmith to be completely unpalatable. They’re like Grits: Texture, but no flavor, unless you add said flavor.

So I was not surprised when I heard this:

“I’ve been a hardcore Republican my whole life,” he told the Herald. “My mother and father drilled into me from the very start that if you work hard and be positive, you’ll get what you’re working for. I guess I’m living proof of that.”

Of the rocker’s endorsement, McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said: “Joe Perry is an icon of rock-and-roll and a great American. John McCain absolutely appreciates his support.”

I will concede that Perry, and Aerosmith, are Icons of rock. I’m not sure why this makes Perry a great American. My parents drilled into me to work hard, be positive and be kind. Does this make me a great American to?

The entire thing is ridiculous. Aerosmith is completely irrelevant to today’s rock scene. They reinvented themselves in the 80s with Run DMC. They attempted to do it again with Bon Jovi, Britney, Mary J Blige and Nelly. I do not care if, historically speaking, they a “great band.” What have the done for the scene recently? Their Blues recording? An entire album featuring the same bloody riffs?

Aerosmith, like the Stones, jumped the shark long ago. The fact that Joe Perry backs McCain is not surprising in the slightest. Both Aerosmith and McCain are tired, old, and saying the same damn thing OVER AND OVER again.

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