In college I researched the effects of stress on health. It’s stayed with me for at least 12 years. Right now, with Shannon sick with the same cold after 3 week, I’m beginning to see how stressed she was.

I’ve bought her two movies and I’m on call to do whatever she needs (tea, Kleenex, whatever). Still, I may need more ideas. When you’re sick, what else do you need to recoup?

2 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Hot ‘n’ sour soup from the local Chinese restaurant. Lots of blankets. Kitties in bed with me, which will be hard for you to do. Sherbet or sorbet; it always makes my throat feel better.

    Hope you feel better soon, Shannon!

  2. I’ve always been a fan of herbal teas – with lots of honey. Honey is supposed to be good. Chicken soup (or chicken – less chicken soup with lots of veggies, some raw ginger and veggie broth) is supposed to help.

    If nothing else, she could try the russian folk cure of putting sliced onions up her nose (joking…I’ve never tried it myself….)

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