And I care because

Years ago my brother and I went to an ensemble show at the Abbey Pub. I think it was called the, “women who rock” series. One of the minor acts (Panda Panda) asked us, “is anyone eating out there?”. Some one shouted back, “the cheeseburgers rule!” which made the frontwoman stop and say with a sneer, “I just think it’s funny that someone would eat meat at a Panda Panda show,” the guitar and drum duo then went on to perform entirely forgettable set. I don’t think they got more than polite applause after each song. Even the vegetarians were underwhelmed.

The comment remains burned into my memory mostly as a warning: don’t be snarky unless you can back it up. Most People at the show didn’t come for Panda panda. I doubt a quarter of the crowd new that Panda Panda were vegatarian or vegan. The headliners were The New Pornographers and Mates of State (who, by the way, rocked). Panda Panda’s content was, at best, filler. They didn’t have a single stand out moment outside of their snarky dismissial of someone’s dinner.

I realize that I’m, at best, contributing to the filler of the Internet. I do try to back up my snark with decent content-and I do think I have a few good posts-yet I also realize that posting sparse chip review doesn’t help my position out. I hope to step up my game shortly.

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