BlogHer nominations are open. I, being biased, nominated Shannon.

If it was simple bias, I’d leave it at that. It is not simple. Her blogging and her beliefs have inspired and challenged me. I don’t say it often enough, so I nominated her for BlogHer. While normally I would nominate others (like my consiglieri or AG) I am sticking to one nomination this year, as Shannon has inspired me more than any other blogger out there.

More than Chuck or Cobag, even.

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13 thoughts on “Nominate

  1. You know, Chuckles should get the nominee. If there was no C-dawg, there would have been no Shannon.

    Just sayin’…

    And AG wants to sit next to Chuckles at the wedding.

    Also, just sayin’…

  2. I do want to sit next to you, Von. The thing is that I suspect you will be in the wedding. Given that Chuckles survives on $1.00/day, The Marty won’t want to burden him with the cost of a tux, airfare, a gift, Superdawg, dollars for the strippers at the bach party, etc., etc.

    I want to dance with Von at the wedding. Come on. AG knows what she wants and sitting in silence during a full Catholic mass is not where you want to sit next to AG!

    Shannon, I thought it was C-dawg’s whose blog y’all came to know each other on. Is that not correct?

  3. According to my grandmother, the church has to marry us. Who wants to argue with my grandmother? She’s a lovely, sweet old woman who has enough reserves to destroy all those who get in her way.

  4. I apologize and stand corrected. I thought it was at Chuckles’ site. Nikkos then can be in the wedding party.

    My Bubie was the same way, OG. I will have to post the story about my Aunt marrying out of the faith and her having a chat with the Priest.

    I am sitting next to Von and Chuckles. AG has already purchased her shoes. Thank you.

  5. An AG sandwich! Fantastico! And, I will take you to SuperDog (if that’s what you want). I’d better be in this wedding! And, Of course we will dance together, all night long! I do not know this Nikkos, but I do know the sordid story of how Shannon and TheMarty met.

  6. TheMarty – what’s wrong w/ my blog? No honorable mention? Yes, I know it’s inferior to AGs and all, but c’mon, help a sister out. There goes my self-confidence again. Good job, TheMarty, Good job.

  7. The Superdawg is a Chicago classic. You must go. Someone went with Chuckles last year WITHOUT AG! Hramph.

    Yeah, Marty. You like leaving my Von that way? I am going to nominate Von. She made me a non practicing Lesbian and that should count for something!!

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