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Me and the Genius driving. I’m on my second glass of wine. I spilled about a quarter of the wine on the Genius.


Beloit is an anthropology/archaelogy school, where the Genius perfected his digging technique.


However, he was a drunk bastard and I had to escort him out.

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5 thoughts on “More from BlogHer….kinda

  1. I should have been arrested for impersonating an officer. Cuz we robbed that place! Wait. I mean, cuz I was digging at a crime scene? Err.

    This joke sucks.

  2. Where are all the women? Oh right they’re on the INTERNET. I see now. Also, Beloit’s anthro/archeology archives are flipping sweet. I saw an Ainu robe in the flat files there. I nearly shit myself because I’m a total freak.

  3. Wait until you see Horse Cleaver, the 400 year old nodachi. That is a two handed katana, also known as a daikatana. The thing’s blade was 5 or 6 feet long.

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