Sunday Morning Crazy: Three Weeks in a Row

It would not be a Sunday Morning Crazy without a tip of the hat to Dancing From Genesis. There are some classic posts over there from the previous week. Wild, wing-nut based assertions and hypocritical commentary regarding various churches (in this case, on Obama’s church). All “rational” people know that “true” Christians don’t preach hate. What I really think we should all pay attention to is his Radio show. This I have to hear.

Today’s shortened edition of Sunday morning crazy is an admission: I did not see the animated Clone Wars until today. As a Star Wars fan, I think this is a travesty. A crazy travesty. I was not a huge fan of the prequels. I waited to watch Episode III because I was so disappointed in I and II.

These cartoons, directed by Gennedy Tartakovsky manage to pull off the feel of the original movies–something that the prequels do not do as consistently as I had hoped.

Today’s edition of SMC is shortened because I have to try and make cornbread. With Habaneros. I am sure someone will critique my foray in the world of baking.

Update: When making two batches of something, do not add the super spicy chili pepper to both batches.
Update 2: Not everyone is a good teacher.
Update 3: Habaneros need to be handled with care or your face will melt. For realz.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Crazy: Three Weeks in a Row

  1. And make sure you have used the bathroom before you handle habaneros because even if you really wash your hands well…there will still be pain.

  2. Announcing loudly with joy in your voice “I have made corn muffins!” while I was on the phone w/ Shannon was an endearing moment. However, my hangover prevented me from really being happy for you in that moment.

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